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Safari Lake Geneva WI

After going through the Safari Lake Geneva last year, I have been stalking their website for months waiting for them to release when they will be opening back up for the 2021 season...which starts on May 1st! This place was unbelievably awesome. It's $19.95 for an adult ticket and $12.95 for a child ticket. But, you cannot buy a ticket without buying a couple of buckets for animal food for $5 a piece. While the drive through would be cool without the food, it's absolutely amazing with.

You hold the bucket of food right outside your window and the animals come right up to you and eat. While some animals are very polite, others are not...which was the best part. Check out the pictures to see how awesome it was!

Two last things...this is something you need to plan ahead for as you need to purchase your ticket and make a reservation at the same time. But the best part? You can go through as many times as you want. We went through 4 or 5 times with 4 buckets of food!


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