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Amber's Favs

Gasp. Favorite things outside of Junky Janko Market? Heck yes, girl! It's a big world out there and I've got a lot of favorites. Plus, isn't one of the many girl codes to share your favorite finds & of course deals, steals and shipping tips? Well, if I am wrong I either A. don't want to be right or B, our friendship wasn't meant to be because I fully expect to hear all the same deals, steals and favs from you! It should also be noted, I do not take this girl code lightly. I am not sharing products fails or stuff that I don't love!

Disclaimer: Amazon Favs? Before you gasp - if you've watched my social media stores, you know - there is a time and place for everything, even Amazon! If you ever see me share something that a small business sells, you holler my way & I will go there instead! Otherwise, follow along as I share some of my favorite purchases all the way from referral codes for services & products, to Amazon staples, other companies & of course, my favorite other small businesses!

This was a middle of the night idea, so please keep checking back as I continue to build out this new section

Amazon Favs
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Some I've been influenced to buy (you gotta love your internet friends who never steer you wrong) and some I've stumbled upon on my own. Either way, check out my favs & see if anything calls your name! 

Referrals & Discounts
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All the way from out sourcing food delivery (anything to save me some time please & thank you) to helping McKinley manage her money with a Green Light Card (my favorite on this page, plus it's $30 sign up bonus! Perfect for the kids who are ready to start learning how to manage money)


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When I was pregnant with Lyncoln, I learnd that my skin are regimen wasn't safe during pregnancy. That was a huge lightbulb, if it wasn't safe for pregnancy what would make me want to use it when I wasn't pregnant? That's when my journey with Beautycounter started. 
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