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I have a few very important roles in my life. First and my favorite, I am a mother to three amazing, wild girls. Second, I am a wife to my most favorite man on the planet. And third, and arguably the most important is the role of being me. Sometimes I feel like it's easy to get lost when trying to be so much to everyone else. So... welcome to my new adventure of maintaining my own identify by doing what I love most. Sharing. 

So buckle up and enjoy my (semi) organized, very chaotic life. 

What can you expect? I am obsessed with cookbooks, watching cooking shows and scouring the internet for new recipes. My perfect Saturday morning is watching Food Network while flipping through one of my cookbooks. So, you can count on seeing lots of recipes, whether its using the freshest vegetables (just kidding, probably ones that are on the fritz that got lost in the fridge) or whipping up some ooey gooey cookies - I got you covered. And... because we are talking about recipes, I can't forget about cocktail recipes! 

Next up. Home projects, updates and decorating. My husband Josh, is the best handy man there ever was. We dream up ideas and he executes. Then, I follow up with decorating. 

While I am by no means a make up artist, I still can pretend I am. Since a young age, I have always loved make up. But, it wasn't until I hit my 30's when I realized I needed to start taking skin care serious. Two years later, and I am addicted to skin care. 


Coupons? I got you covered. Some one always orders stuff under my name (it’s not me, I swear...) And the stuff that magically appears on my doorstep, I just so happen to love. So I find it to be my responsibility to share all of these finds with you! Find coupons and referrals under their own tab now!

And almost lastly, and my favorite...Junky Janko Market. I've toyed with it for years in various forms. This online shop it has turned into, is my absolute favorite. What is it? It was supposed to be a few seasonal bundles, but that clearly didn't happen. It moved to a few home decor things and I referred to it as a "Teeny, Tiny Junky Janko Market." Welp, that's gone to... it's a full blown online store. But, actually it's more than "an online store" It is a curation of all my favorite finds. There is nothing that I don't love and nothing that I wouldn't put in my own house. It's also important to note, that I started this journey as a "me" thing. It was supposed to "my own thing" but after a full year, I cannot be more grateful that it turned into a whole family thing. Josh (secretly) loves it & the girls' love being a part of anything. I cannot wait (actually I can) to see what McKinley's house looks like when she grows up because I have no doubts I will be jealous. Lastly, our family somehow came up with Junky Janko Market give back project in 2022. We were so excited in July of 2022 when were able to donate $315 to Badger Honor Flight. Never did I imagine in November that we would donate $1023 worth of toys to the American Children's Family Hospital's Child Life Specialist wish list. These two give backs are one of the biggest highlights of our year (thanks to all of you!). All I can say, is that is just the start. Buckle up & hold on because we've got plans for big things! 

So with all of that being said...all of these things that matter and don't matter, you'll also see a glimpse of the best part of my life... and that's my family. My family posts will probably have no other purpose than to make you laugh. Maybe some serious ones here and there... but when I tell you I feel like I live on an unscripted reality show I mean it. 

I cannot wait until Midnight on March 24th 2023 to celebrate the 2 year anniversary of these space that has given me so much joy. But.. the celebration will probably occur on the 25th because well this site was born on a whim at midnight. 

And pro tip for you, subscribe and keep in the loop. 

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