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I saw a meme the other day that said something along the lines of don't let the perfectly behaved first born trick you into having another. Because your second born will be a no limit solider, who likes to slap, swear and doesn't sleep. This. is. Dakota.

I am the youngest child and my husband is the oldest, so neither of us know anything about being a middle child.

Kota, while being the sweetest little girl with the biggest heart, also doesn't give a sh*t about anything. Her vocabulary and logic is unbelievable. I know parents always say this about their child, but I am not that parent, I swear.

If she was an adult, I wouldn't mess with her. While I am not anxious for time to fly by... I know she will do big things in her life. I mean, she will either be a CEO of her own company or she will be leading her own gang in prison. Either way, she will be a success.

If you want to see Kota in action, check out my Facebook page (linked on the bottom of the home page) for some great videos.

Oh... and the picture? Josh and I love making the girls watch movies from when we kids. The Little Rascals, Home Alone, The Goonies... and of course, Dennis the Menace.

The uncanny resemblance comes after Dakota cut her hair not once, not twice but three times within a few weeks.


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