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Margaritas, Gaby and I are all BFFL

Have you ever been best friends with someone you have never met? It happens to me all the time. And, if you hang around me in person, you are used to me talking about all my best friends. I am sure it was confusing to start with, but everyone has gotten used to it.

Gaby Dalkin and I are best friends. Seriously it doesn’t matter... stop judging me. Moving on...because Gaby and I are such good friends its obvious we both love Margaritas.

I don’t think I have ever met a margarita I don’t like. But as I get older, I am really starting to appreciate the “Skinny Margs.” My teeth are less furry while drinking them, I don’t get a sugar high followed by hang over and they are so freaking fresh.

Check out Gaby’s Skinny Margarita Recipe on her Blog Site:

Oh and fair warning, when I visit her site... large chunks of time disappear.


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