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Angry Blackberry Mule

Moscow Mules rank right up there with Margaritas for me. One, for obvious reasons, they are delicious. Two, they are super versatile. The traditional mule is Vodka, Lime Juice and Ginger Beer. So here's a perfect twist....

Cocktail Ingredients:

Handful of blackberries


Angry Ginger Beer

1 Lime

How to:

First, get muddling... Put your handful of black berries in the bottom of your glass and muddle away. Fresh or frozen will work. I used frozen because they double as little bits of icy goodness.

Fill up your glass with ice. Add whatever amount of vodka you find appropriate. Add your freshly squeezed lime juice. Fill the remainder with your Angry Ginger Beer.

Twist: I wish our local liquor store had jalapeño liqueur. I would have used that with diet ginger beer to get the same affect with less sugar. Another thought as I type this, you could do regular ginger beer with a splash of jalapeño juice. Oh man, I just talked myself into trying this another way!


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