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When I was pregnant with Lyncoln, I learnd that my skin are regimen wasn't safe during pregnancy. That was a huge lightbulb, if it wasn't safe for pregnancy what would make me want to use it when I wasn't pregnant? That's when my journey with Beautycounter started. 

Bonus, If you've never ordered before, you are eligible for 20% off your first purchase

Extra Bonus, If you're interested in becoming a Band of Beauty Member or, renewing your membership for $29.00 here are your perks!
  • Free shipping on qualifying orders of $100 or more
  • 10% back in Product credit on orders year-round
  • A welcome gift ($49+ value) when you spend $50 in product purchase on your enrollment order
  • Exclusive, Member only benefits
ImportantNo minimum order requirement, no automatic shipment requirements & the membership doesn't not auto renew. It's like a perks card at a grovery store!  

My current & all time favorite skin care regimen, Countertime:
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