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Unrolled Sushi Bowl

McKinley, Dakota and I like sushi. Pause. Sushi that's plain jane... like California Rolls or a good Tempura, specifically shrimp. It's still Sushi right?

So... while this "Unrolled Sushi Bowl" sounds fancy - there isn't anything fancy about it. And actually, I often use this as a "round two" recipe after we have salmon. So with that, this isn't really a "recipe" but more so an inspiration for a simple, delicious dinner (especially if you have leftovers)

Fun fact about me, I am not a huge fan of rice. I like it in a sushi roll (and in this dish) but that's about it. However, after learning how to make the most perfect Jasamine rice in the microwave from my favorite pampered chef lady (Shout out to Dawn), I have become a little more of a fan! And another fun fact (because that last fact wasn't really fun) I had no idea that you could change a power setting on a microwave!

How to cook the most perfect Jasmine rice: I used the 3-Quart micro cooker from pampered chef (I bought the set but you can also just buy them individually). You always use a 1 (rice) to 2 (water) ratio. I generally do 1 and 1/2 cups of rice with three cups of water. With the lid on the micro cooker, you cook it at full power for 5 minutes. After that, you cook it at half power for 13 minutes. It is perfect every single time!

Fill up your bowl with rice and top with whatever is in favorite sushi roll. Like I said, we go for this a night or two after having salmon. So we topped ours with salmon, carrot matchsticks, julienne cucumbers and avocado. Of course, we do a few shakes of coconut aminos along with a healthy drizzle of a yum, yum sauce. You can buy this just about anywhere, but you know me... it's always better when its homemade. The Pampered Chef Recipe has been our go to!

Tell me in the comments what you would put in your "Unrolled Sushi Bowl"

P.S. I am not affiliated with Pampered Chef in anyway. I just love their products & share my favorites!


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