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Smoked Sausage & Corn Dip

I generally cook Sunday through Thursday. Friday & Saturday are my nights off because we always tend to have something planned. When we don't, we fall back on ordering pizza or getting take out. This last time, the girls asked what's for dinner & Josh replied "probably ordering pizza." I looked at Dakota's annoyed "I don't want pizza face" and said let's go inside.

It was our lucky night. I had planned on making this dip for a party the previous night and ended up skipping it. So Dakota and I whipped it together and we all came to the conclusion that it was way better than pizza (we also made smoked hot dogs using the first steps of this reciep - Poor Man's Burnt Ends).

After dinner, I immediately added the items back on to my ongoing grocery list and made it a priority to find other quick dinner options for the nights I don't have something planned. Because honestly, delivered pizza isn't my favorite thing either... and why do we continue to eat stuff that we don't love?


1 pound smoked sausage, diced

1, 8 oz. package of cream cheese, softened

3, 15 oz. cans of corn

1/3 C. Mayo

1 C. Shredded Pepper Jack Cheese

Big 'ol Bag of Fritos, or whatever chips float your boat!

You can also add diced jalapeños for some heat - I skipped it because of the girls!


  1. Get smoker going at about 225 degrees (if you don't want to smoke this, preheat your oven to 350)

  2. Grab a 9x13 pan (disposable one if your smoking) and lightly grease it

  3. In a skillet over medium-high heat, sauté the sausage (and jalapeños if using) until the diced sausage has a nice, lightly brown crisp on all edges (and jalapeños are softened).

  4. Combine sausage (and jalapeños), cream cheese, corn, mayo and pepper jack cheese.

  5. Mix together and spread evenly in pan

  6. Smoke or bake for about 30 minutes, or until nice and bubbly

  7. Serve with Fritos!


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