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How to Fire-Up your Pizza Game

If pizza isn't a grilling staple at your house, it needs to be! The thought of having your traditional homemade pizza its dreadful. But, when you switch up how you pizza with these tips, your family will be asking for it weekly! Try one, two or all of the tricks below!

Step 1: Change your crust game. Our go to is Naan bread. I generally grab it at Costco. But your local grocery stores will have it too. And, if you're lucky they will carry the garlic version!

Step 2: Oil before sauce. It may sound odd, but it's a necessity. You can use regular olive oil, or you can get fancy and try something like Gaby Dalkin's Taste Like Pizza Oil (linked below). To no surprise, this is my favorite:

Step 3: Garlic. Garlic. Garlic. Always add fresh chopped garlic on top of the oil, before the sauce.

Step 4: Cheese. Not only do you need multiple different kinds of cheese, you need to have one "wow" cheese on the pizza. Normally the "wow" is the fresh mozzarella. If you aren't currently using fresh mozzarella, are you even making pizza? But this blog post is about upping the game, so skip the mozzarella. You can use burrata cheese - which is basically mozzarella stuffed with string-y cheese curds and creamy goodness. But, step it up a little more, and use ricotta. How can ricotta be a step up from mozzarella or burrata? Oh, my gosh...give it a whirl and you will immediately know why. Trust me.

Step 5: Season the top of your pizza! This step is so simple but probably forgotten a lot. It can seasoned with garlic salt, pepper, red pepper flakes...basically anything. If you want to get fancy - try using this seasoning from, of course, Gaby Dalkin. I use this on a lot more than just grilled cheese sandwiches!

Step 6: Skip the oven and grill your pizza. The key to getting the crust crispy is by cooking it low and slow. When the crust has started to brown, you can crank it up for a few minutes... and then shut it off. Keep the lid down and the remaining cheese will melt perfectly.

Step 7: The finale is officially the "can't skip" step. After the pizza is done cooking, and right before you eat it... drizzle it with a Basil Vinaigrette. Now there are tons of recipes for homemade vinaigrette, (check out link below if you wanna take a shot at it) but there are also tons of options in the store. I found this is the refrigerator section at Costco.

This vinaigrette is perfect for strawberry, spinach and mozzarella salad. It would go great on chicken parmesan! The options are endless... I think this is the new summer staple in this house.

Alright, these 7 tips will change the way you look at pizza. Like I said on top, you can start with a couple or you can go all in. Either way, your pizza game will never be the same!


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