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Grandma Mary's Hot Chocolate

I always talk about how I love recipes from when I was little, and this is one of them. As a kid, I loved drinking Grandma Mary's Hot Chocolate. And without a doubt, this definitely made it to my Recipe Binder. But the funny part, I never realized that this recipe wasn't actually my Grandma Mary's. In fact, my mom doesn't really remember where it came from. Apparently someone else had a grandma named Mary, and her recipe was shared. And it is just a coincidence that I also had a great-grandma named Mary - who never made homemade hot chocolate!

Either way... this is the best hot chocolate. But warning, it makes A LOT. Like so much that we mix it in a medium sized bin. You could also use a brown paper bag...but you might need two to mix it well. It is also a little expensive to make! Which makes it the perfect recipe to make with family or friends. You're each assigned an ingredient or two, and you all bring your own half gallon mason jars to store it in! Or, this would be really cool gift to give during the winter months! Make the batch, put it into quart or half gallon sized mason jars and start gifting away in the holiday season all the way through winter!


Two 22 oz Non-Dairy Creamer

One 32 oz Powdered Sugar

64oz of Powdered Milk

One 32 oz Nestles Quick

Directions: Mix all ingredients thoroughly!

To serve: Fill mug 1/2 full with homemade hot chocolate mixture. Then add your hot liquid to the brim - you could use milk or water! Stir. The key here is that you need half of the mug your mixture, it seems like a lot but it's just the perfect amount!

Bonus - we also used this recipe to fill our homemade hot chocolate bombs! So if you ever jumped on that bandwagon, you can use this recipe for filling!

Fun Fact: Original recipe called for 20 quarts of powdered milk. Immediately, I was like that's not right. We later figured 20 quarts was equaivalent to 80, 1 cup servings! After a quick google, this Great Value Nonfat Dry Milk explains everything!


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