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Double Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches

I mean, I am not going to say a warm chocolate chip cookie isn't good year round...but the summer times calls for a little extra.

You can make these sandwiches for the fam or for a crowd. They are cheaper than the pre-made ones, plus they are a hundred times more delicious.

I feel silly writing this down because it so easy. Snag some prepackaged cookie dough. I bought the 24 cookie/pack because I wasn't looking for huge sandwiches.

While you are baking them according to the package, take out your ice cream to allow it time to soften. I used chocolate chip cookie dough - because, why not! Then, once the cookies are cooled, put a small scoop on one cook and top it with the second.

Now... this is where I don't feel silly. These are delicious but if you want to take them up a huge notch...sprinkle them with Maldon Sea Salt Flakes. If you don't have any, grab it on Amazon...and use it on every dessert!

Once they are fully assembled, freeze for a couple of hours before you serve them!

Fun Idea: play around with combos... get the Turtle Cookies and Caramel Ice Cream... or Peanutbutter Cookies and Chocolate Ice Cream


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