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Doctered Up Canned Beans

Listen closely, don't ever be that person who warms a can of baked beans and serves it. I am telling you, it's wrong. It's actually not just wrong, it's so weird I may consider you a psychopath. Why? Because did you forget, they are canned. They need a little help. And when the help is so simple... you just do it.


2 cans of grilling beans of your choice

1 pound of ground sausage

A large squirt of ketchup

a large squirt of mustard - your choice, I did Chik-Fil-A mustard here for sweatness

A large spoon of brown sugar

How to not be a psychopath in five minutes:

Brown the sausage. Don't forget to season it with salt, pepper and whatever else you may fancy - say maybe some barbecue rub seasoning? Cook thoroughly, and drain. Dump beans and cooked sausage into your cooking vessel and add the ketchup, mustard and brown sugar. Heat up and serve.

I threw them in my rock crock slow cooker from pampered chef, but you could throw them in a sauce pan...grill them, bake them... you name it.

Serve these to friends, and they'll be wondering if you made homemade beans.

Serve plain, canned baked beans to friends, and you probably won't have friends anymore....Well, I won't be your friend.


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