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Christmas Crack

It all started with the Elf...

Starting when McKinley was little, Sparkle the Elf would hang around the house for a few weeks before Christmas. Last year, in an attempt to surprise Dakota - Sparkle retired and sent Bubble Gum. Well, after an apparently very confusing letter from Sparkle - the girls took the new elf as Bubbles.

Bubbles was great... she was way better than Sparkle in the previous years. But that didn't matter because when November 30th rolled around this year, McKinley and Dakota started chatting and convinced each other that both, Sparkles and Bubbles were coming this year. Why? Well, because that what the YouTuber kids have... their own elf.

Yeah, Right. That wasn't happening. And, at 11:00pm on November 30th, no elf was coming in the morning because after 341 days, Bubbles hid so well we couldn't find her. One Word. Husband.

(11:15pm - Me, ordering target delivery with one eye open... good news - elf will be here by 9am)

So, anyway... the three girls were left a cute new Santa Mug with a note that said "I am Tinsel the Elf & I am so happy to be here. Bump up your Christmas Spirit and I will be back.... in the meantime, I thought you might like these for your cocoa bomb."

Cue the meltdown for poor little Dakota, Tinsel was not here. She cried, and after convincing her that if we did something Christmas-ee that Tinsel would be back! Off to school she went, heart broken and a super guilty feeling mom.

Target Delivery to the rescue, though!

Dakota rolled home from school, played around and started screaming - Tinsel was here! "Silly me, I didn't look hard enough for her this morning!" Dakota Christmas Spirit had been saved - and so had I!

Anyway... back to what you are here for... Christmas Crack with an obscene amount of sprinkles. It was our way of listening to Tinsel and "bumping up our Christmas Spirit"


1 Sleeve of Saltines

1 Cup of Butter

1 Cup of Brown Sugar

1 bag of Chocolate Chips


Cover a cooking sheet with parchment paper. Line your saltines edge to edge into a square/rectangle. Melt your butter over medium heat. Add brown sugar and bring to a boil. Stir & heat until it starts to rise up and bubble. You want it to bubble and froth for a little bit to ensure the brown sugar is fully melted.

Drizzle butter/brown sugar mixture over the saltines. Carefully spread around. Quickly add the chocolate chips on top. Give them a few seconds to start melting and then spread the chocolate around to create a top chocolate layer. Add sprinkles to "bump up your Christmas Spirit"

Let it cool and then BREAK IT APART! I took a lot of heat on social media for using a pizza cutter. Literally every person told me I was supposed to break it apart. But you do you!

And for the record, the picture is a double batch!!!

Now... Wait, that's not it... I am here for all variations.

Cracker Variations: Graham Crackers? Yes, Please! Club House? Yes, Please!

Topping Variations: Toasted Pecans? Yes, Please! Heath Chunks? Yes Please!



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