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Apple Club Sandwich

My girlfriend introduced me to Clean Food Crush...and thanks to her, my grocery list is never ending. You probably thinking oh great, never ending grocery list... not interested. When I say never ending, its because I am wishing I could makeeverything she has posted in her life time right now.

So first up, this is my twist on her Apple Bacon Sandwich. Both ways are simple, I just added the turkey and honey mustard. I was also debating adding a little mayo and lettuce, more aligned with a Bacon Lettuce... Apple (BLA - by the way, I am making that a thing now that I have typed it out).

Last thing on this apple post, but it needs to be said... and I am Cringing as I type this. There used to be a point in time where my diet didn't "allow" apples because they were too high in carbs. Holy Moly. We are talking about freaking Apples! I am so thankful that the toxic diet culture is no longer a part of my life✌🏼 #eatwhatmakesyoufeelgood

Clean Food Crush Apple Bacon Sandwich Recipe:


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