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It's Give Back Time! This time around, we are donating hats to organizations that support those in need or those who would love a cute winter hat.


You have a couple of options:


You can Donate a hat for $8.00 - you just need to select which location you want to donate to! We'll deliver the hats & of course provide you all with an update on our success! 


Or, you can BODO! What the heck is that? It's our new term: Buy one, Donate one! You buy yourself a hat (or think - Christmas gift) for $22. You can pick it up locally or have it shipped just like all other products! Junky Janko Market will then donate one hat on your behalf. Again, you just need to select which organization! 


If you have an organization that is in need of winter hats, but it's not an option... please e-mail me at with your idea. There are enough hats to go around! 

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