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    Junky Janko Market is excited to be Mobile! Whether you are interested in hosting a low key shopping night with your girlfriends in your driveway, or you are looking to book an all day event - Junky Janko Market would love to be apart of it!

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    Junky Janko Market is excited to be Mobile! Whether you are interested in hosting a private shopping night with your girlfriends in your driveway, or you are looking to book an all day event - Junky Janko Market would love to be apart of it!

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  • Queen of Organization

    I started to laugh a little when I titled this. I do love organization & I am pretty organized. But the title should also incorporate Hot Mess. Because I am not just organized, I am also a hot mess. Nothing in this post is really mind blowing - it's just too big for a Facebook post, so here we are. After having kids, and quite frankly having a husband - organization became a little more difficult. More stuff and more hands to mix it up. McKinley now at 11, is super organized, so she can't take much of the blame. But the other two tiny sets of hands are the nightmare to my organization. And again, so are the jumbo man hands. After reorganizing the same places, it dawned on me. I need to create an organization system that is easy to follow. And what's easier to follow than labels. And... probably more importantly, minimizing the amount of stuff. I am way better at this now, but boy oh boy do we have a lot of room for growth in this area! So, I thought I would share some of my favorite home organizational products. These items are the perfect clean, crisp look for closets & cupboards. Keep in mind, I am no organization expert...just someone who tries & enjoys it! First up, these Y weave baskets are amazing for things that you use often. They come in a bunch of different sizes. The one pictured is the medium size. They are perfect for organizing your "grab and go" things - things that you don't want to dig for. We have medium sized ones in our pantry with like items - boxed dinners (Mac and Cheese). I have the smaller ones in my bathroom closet with frequently used items. One for my face products & a medium on for all of our body lotions and oils. They come in large ones - think like the size of canvas bins, that are perfect for larger closets. I have a puzzles in jumbo sealed bags and they all go in the "puzzle bin" My next & probably favorite are these storage boxes by bright room. You can get the small (which is just shorter) for $3, the medium height is $4 and the tallest is $5. Pretty reasonable! These storage bins can be found just about anywhere. We have a small one for each, crayons, markers, colored pencils. We have the medium sized one for all other craft items (pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, etc.) And because they are clear, it's super nice to be able to see inside of them. And even though they are clear, I wasn't taking any chances and I still labeled them. I also have a medium sized one in a lower kitchen cupboard with all of our cookie cutters. Our master bathroom is chucked full of these - extras of everything sorted in bins alike! One has sun screen, one has all our finger nail polish. Seriously, they stack nicely, they look neat, they are literally perfect for just about everything! Let's talk labeling. Around here, even if it's all alike items - the jumbo man hands in this house toss anything and everything there because *he wasn't sure* what all went in there. The solution for this is labels. If you want to label bins that are visible I recommend these. If you need a bunch of labels, you can snag pre-printed label sheets for specific areas - like these for the pantry. If you are going to do a label over haul, I totally recommend getting the Cricut Joy! I did the Cricut joy because I went overboard on labels. I went as far as to put removable labels on Lyncoln and Dakota's dresser drawers with pictures of what went in their drawers. Not only can they help put their own laundry away, so can dad!

  • Grandma Mary's Hot Chocolate

    I always talk about how I love recipes from when I was little, and this is one of them. As a kid, I loved drinking Grandma Mary's Hot Chocolate. And without a doubt, this definitely made it to my Recipe Binder. But the funny part, I never realized that this recipe wasn't actually my Grandma Mary's. In fact, my mom doesn't really remember where it came from. Apparently someone else had a grandma named Mary, and her recipe was shared. And it is just a coincidence that I also had a great-grandma named Mary - who never made homemade hot chocolate! Either way... this is the best hot chocolate. But warning, it makes A LOT. Like so much that we mix it in a medium sized bin. You could also use a brown paper bag...but you might need two to mix it well. It is also a little expensive to make! Which makes it the perfect recipe to make with family or friends. You're each assigned an ingredient or two, and you all bring your own half gallon mason jars to store it in! Or, this would be really cool gift to give during the winter months! Make the batch, put it into quart or half gallon sized mason jars and start gifting away in the holiday season all the way through winter! Ingredients: Two 22 oz Non-Dairy Creamer One 32 oz Powdered Sugar 64oz of Powdered Milk One 32 oz Nestles Quick Directions: Mix all ingredients thoroughly! To serve: Fill mug 1/2 full with homemade hot chocolate mixture. Then add your hot liquid to the brim - you could use milk or water! Stir. The key here is that you need half of the mug your mixture, it seems like a lot but it's just the perfect amount! Bonus - we also used this recipe to fill our homemade hot chocolate bombs! So if you ever jumped on that bandwagon, you can use this recipe for filling! Fun Fact: Original recipe called for 20 quarts of powdered milk. Immediately, I was like that's not right. We later figured 20 quarts was equaivalent to 80, 1 cup servings! After a quick google, this Great Value Nonfat Dry Milk explains everything!

  • Unrolled Sushi Bowl

    McKinley, Dakota and I like sushi. Pause. Sushi that's plain jane... like California Rolls or a good Tempura, specifically shrimp. It's still Sushi right? So... while this "Unrolled Sushi Bowl" sounds fancy - there isn't anything fancy about it. And actually, I often use this as a "round two" recipe after we have salmon. So with that, this isn't really a "recipe" but more so an inspiration for a simple, delicious dinner (especially if you have leftovers) Fun fact about me, I am not a huge fan of rice. I like it in a sushi roll (and in this dish) but that's about it. However, after learning how to make the most perfect Jasamine rice in the microwave from my favorite pampered chef lady (Shout out to Dawn), I have become a little more of a fan! And another fun fact (because that last fact wasn't really fun) I had no idea that you could change a power setting on a microwave! How to cook the most perfect Jasmine rice: I used the 3-Quart micro cooker from pampered chef (I bought the set but you can also just buy them individually). You always use a 1 (rice) to 2 (water) ratio. I generally do 1 and 1/2 cups of rice with three cups of water. With the lid on the micro cooker, you cook it at full power for 5 minutes. After that, you cook it at half power for 13 minutes. It is perfect every single time! Fill up your bowl with rice and top with whatever is in favorite sushi roll. Like I said, we go for this a night or two after having salmon. So we topped ours with salmon, carrot matchsticks, julienne cucumbers and avocado. Of course, we do a few shakes of coconut aminos along with a healthy drizzle of a yum, yum sauce. You can buy this just about anywhere, but you know me... it's always better when its homemade. The Pampered Chef Recipe has been our go to! Tell me in the comments what you would put in your "Unrolled Sushi Bowl" P.S. I am not affiliated with Pampered Chef in anyway. I just love their products & share my favorites!

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