Summery Finds

I love fall, but I am trying my hardest to stick with Summer. After all, if time continues to do it's thing...fall will be here before we know it.

I've been really trying to get into bras without underwire. The purpose of underwire is to contour your breasts and help life them up. Can't we have that with out underwire, too? Why...well I find underwire to be uncomfortable and two, did you know that underwire actually blocks the drainage of lymph fluid from the bottom of your breast? What is are a couple of the major components in lymph fluids?

Ok. Ok. I swear I had no plans of including that. Anyway... This True and Co Body Scoop Adjustable Bra is a winner! Super comfortable and in fact, does a great job lifting without underwire!

To the right, to the right... ha, just kidding. Sort of. Next up, this fun Sun Visor for only $12. Cover your face people, you skin with thank you. This is super cute and comes in a few different shades!

The whole Dang Outfit on the Right...

This Long Sleeve V Neck Blouse is to die for. Now... you already know I am a sucker for animal print (which it comes in), but I was trying to stick to the summery vibes and got this blue one! Next...I paired it with the comfortable Destroyed Blue Jeans. But, the look isn't complete until you add in some fun summer earrings and this great summer clutch

Back to the left! I found this square neck body suit after receiving a tank top with the same neck line from Stitch Fix. I loved the different neck line, but of course, looked to Amazon for a less expensive version! And, all aboard the animal print train. Sorry, I am not sorry. This adorable Animal Print Skirt not only looks like an Abercrombie Dup, but it comes in a butch of patterns! Think of how cute this would be carried into fall with some high boots? Meanwhile, in the summer pair it with a fun pair of cork wedges!

Lastly, I got this cute pink dress as a part of Amazon haul that I was doing for Try Ons. And... of course, like a lot of the "try on" clothes, I had to keep it! Again, comes in a bunch of colors. The simplicity of the black or the tan clutch pair perfectly with it!!

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