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Over the Shoulder Boulder holder, if we must....

When the pandemic hit, my bras went out the window along with every other freedom. And, seriously, don't gasp... I know I am not the only one.

So, while we start to taste freedom again (praise be), I've upped my bra game. And these are the two that are worth mentioning!

First up. Beyond Yoga. I could live in this thing. They are extremely comfortable. It's the perfect everyday, running errands or sleeping on the couch type of bra. And because it's cropped, say hello to high waisted leggings and a comfy cardigan (my everyday go to).

Check 'em out here 👉🏼

Pro tip: Never pay full price! They change colors every season. Which means... you can get last seasons colors half off! Don't see them half price on the Beyond Yoga site, check out

Second...Handful Bras. I have a couple of each of these styles. The Adjustable is perfect for everyday. The best part it cinches down the middle so you don't get the uni-boob look. The Y-Back Bra is my go to for cardio and high intensity work outs.

Check 'em out here 👉🏼


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