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Hair Tool Mania

If you've followed me on Facebook for anytime now, you will know that I am a sucker for hair tools and hair products. Most of my favorites can be found on Amazon...which is a good thing and a bad thing. Good thing because convenience, bad thing because well, hello, convenience. Once you've crossed into the dark side of Amazon convenience, there is no coming back.

Under my bathroom sink is what I consider hair tool mania. While I know I should downsize, I can promise you these things will never get the boot.

First up...the Bed Head Wave Artist. It gives you the effortless looking beach wave for days. Day one, I can do my lion mane in 15 minutes. Anything that takes me a long time is a deal breaker, so this is a win. Day two, I can comb through it and be on my way. Day three and maybe four, fire up the wave and do some minor touch ups. Day five or six, cute beach wave pony. How could one not commit to this for $30?

Who has seen the ads for Bondi Boost? It's a ginormous three barrel curling iron that gives a soft, romantic wave. I almost clicked buy on the Bondi Boost until the dark side of Amazon popped up in my brain. Thank the heavens because I found this one which is the exact same but for a third of the price. Please note...when I took this selfie for Facebook I never envisioned it going on a blog, otherwise I would have made a tad more of an attempt to make it professional looking. Or, probably not.

Next up, the simple 1 size curling iron has gone out the window. Yes, it has... because why buy multiple tools when you can buy one heating element with multiple attachments? I bought this 5 in 1 curling iron 4 years ago and it is still my going strong go to. It's the perfect mix of curling irons and wands. want to skip the curl? Want a blow out but want to skip the cost? This hair dryer brush is magical. Yes, you get a blow out look from the minute you dry your wet hair. But... the bigger win for me is how this dryer manages to work with dry shampoo on day 3, 4 and 5 to provide the same blow out look from day one.



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