Do I dare say Sweater Weather?

Ok, ok, ok.... if you're not ready for the actual weather for sweaters yet - that's ok. But, you can be prepared for when you have no option but to embrace it. Check out my favorite Amazon Sweaters below. Oh, Ps... Don't forget to check the links for different colors. You know Amazon wrecks what seams like an easy purchase by giving you a million great color options!

Top Row (left to right)

Soft Chunky Knit Sweater

Gray with Animal Print Patchwork Distressed Sweater

Long Sleeve Burgundy Ruffle Neck Sweater

Overside Batwing Pullover

Middle Row

Striped Color Block Hoodie

Bottom Row (left to right)

Black Long sleeve Knit Turtle Neck with Shoulder Buttons

Turtle Neck sweater with Block Striping

Chunky Pullover Turtle Neck Sweater (Green)

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