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Avalanche Cookie Balls

No bake cookies, what more can you dream of? I know... what's better that fresh baked, warm & gooey cookies straight out of the oven? But trust me when I tell you the "no bake" of these cookies are not at the expense of the taste.


1 Cup Chocolate Chips

16 ounces vanilla flavored candy coating (almond bark) or white chocolate chips

1 16 ounce jar of Peanut Butter

3 Cups Rice Krispie Cereal

1 1/2 Cups of Mini Marshmallows

Place Chocolate Chips in Freezer before you get prepping. Melt whatever white chocolate you choose in the microwave. The key to not burning it is to cook at half power for 30 seconds at a time. Take it out and stir it in-between each 30 seconds. When you have some white chunks left, skip the last 30 seconds and stir away. They will melt as you stir - you don't want to chance burning it!

Once completely melted, mix in your peanut butter. Allow mixture to cool to room temperature - you don't want to melt the marshmallows or the chocolate chips. If you're in a pinch, pour it into a new mixing bowl - I know... an extra dish but it cools it quickly when you're in a hurry!

Once cooled, mix in Rice Krispies, Marshmallows and Frozen Chocolate chips.

Use medium scoop to portion the cookies out onto a lined cookie sheet (parchment paper or these silicone mats for the win).

Allow to set in cool place, cookies will firm up a bit. Once they are firmed up, place them in the fridge for storage!!


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