Developing Story...
Sounds like the news right? Well, this is just that. Big, exciting news for Junky Janko Market. I am not sure how we got to this idea, but between Josh, McKinley and I we came up the "Junky Janko Market Give Back Project." While we are starting with July, I have big hopes that it will continue each month with a new organization. Big hopes? Who am I kidding... I've got plans! And based off all of McKinley's ideas, so does she! 

With the 4th of July right around the corner & July being the heart of summer it made perfect sense to kick off the Give Back Project honoring Badger Honor Flight. 

To start off, we have Special Order Shirts & Earrings by McKinley, but keep checking back on the site because as this story's sure going to be awesome. 

Want more information on the Badger Honor Flight? Check out their site